50 Amazing Sword, Dagger, and Knife Tattoo Designs

From big to small, you'll dig them all.

This spider.

Knife tattoo design by High Tension Tattoo

(Photo: High Tension Tattoo)

This engraved knife.

Engraved knife via Peppi

(Photo: Peppi)

This black and grey ink knife.

Knife tattoo with skull reflection by Michelich

(Photo: Michelich)

This skull.

Knife tattoo by Daniel Ujszaszi

(Photo: Daniel Ujszaszi)

This pattern.

Dagger tattoo by Melina Casteletto

(Photo: Melina Casteletto)

This skull handle.

Sword with skull handle by Ben Doukakis

(Photo: Ben Doukakis)

This heart-shaped butterfly knife.

Heart-shaped butterfly knife by Brendon

(Photo: Brendon)

This linework design.

Linework dagger by Marlon

(Photo: Marlon)

This geometric dagger.

Geometric dagger tattoo by Lianna Sabrina

(Photo: Lianna Sabrina)

These roses.

Roses with knife by Lianna Sabrina

(Photo: Lianna Sabrina)