50 Amazing Star Wars Tattoo Designs

Why did the IRS audit R2D2? Because he was being paid under the table.

This vanquished stormtrooper.

Stormtrooper Star Wars Tattoo by Jamie Eddy

Stabbed right through the head with a mini lightsaber. Ouch. (Photo: Jamie Eddy)

This creative composition.

R2D2 Star Wars Tattoo by Andrew Marsh

Another feast for the eyes from super star Star Wars tattoo artist Andrew Marsh. If he keeps coming through like this, Disney might just put him on the payroll.

This terrific TIE fighter.

TIE Fighter Star Wars Tattoo by Cheri May Gourlay

A great rendition of the Galactic Empire’s impossibly aerodynamic fighter craft. Often referred to as the worst spacecraft in the Star Wars Universe, it makes up for it’s lack of genius with it’s undeniably awesome sound effect. (Photo: Cheri May Gourlay)

This stormtrooper.

Best Stormtrooper Ever by Levi Barnett

(Photo: Levi Barnett)

This tiny Boba Fett helmet.

Boba Fett Star Wars Tattoo by Shannon Wages

As far as tiny Star Wars tattoos go, this one takes the cake. (Photo: Shannon Wages)

This single line Chewbacca work.

Chewbacca Star Wars Tattoo by Mo Ganji

Iranian artist Mo Ganji creates amazing works of art using only one continuous line. It’s nice to see Chewy get a little ink time as we seldom see tattoos inked in his likeness.

This Rebel Alliance dotwork design.

Rebel Alliance Star Wars Tattoo by Joshua

If we were an X-Wing fighter pilot, this would be our first tattoo. Here we have the Rebel Alliance symbol done in a perfectly symmetrical dotwork pattern. Absolutely divine. (Photo: Joshua)

This Solo portrait.

Han Solo Star Wars Tattoo by Sarah Miller

Han Solo striking a pose. Fun fact: After a late night of partying with the Rolling Stones, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were still drunk come call time the next morning while filming the Cloud City landing in Empire Strikes Back(Photo: Sarah Miller)

This surrealist Vader profile.

Vader Star Wars Tattoo by David Cote

A surrealist profile of Darth Vader and the Death Star done in David Cote’s signature style.

This negative space stormtrooper.

Stormtrooper Star Wars Tattoo by Phernandu Nunes

This minimalistic work of art is almost too cool for school. (Photo: Phernandu Nunes)