46 Trendy Tattoo Designs Every Woman Must See

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This tree swing.

Tropical Tree Swing Tattoo by Eva

Eva’s tiny circular scenes are a thing of beauty. This tiny medallion features an inviting tree swing on an emerald-watered beach. (Photo: Eva)

This elegant wrist work.

Cat Tattoo on Wrist by Jakub Nowicz

This creative cat houses a foggy forest of evergreen trees that fade into the distance. (Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This delightful elephant design.

Intricate Elephant Tattoo Design by Dövme Sayfası

If you’re looking for a cutesy ornamental design, this is it. Intricate designs like this are often criticized for their tendency to distort and blur as time passes but the truth is that all designs will blur and distort to some extent. (Photo: Dövme Sayfası)

This wonderful wave.

Wave Tattoo by Lenara

A beautiful abstract wave tattoo if there ever was one. (Photo: Lenara)

This geometric watercolor work.

Watercolor Forearm Tattoo by Yammy

Splashes of watercolor and a few creative symbols make up this fantastic forearm work. Watercolor tattoos never seem to get old no matter how many we see. (Photo: Yammy)

This gorgeous garter.

Ornamental Garter Tattoo by Paulinho

Here we have a gorgeous garter tattoo comprised of a softly shaded reoccurring pattern. (Photo: Paulinho)

This pink popsicle.

Pink Popsicle Tattoo by Anton

Gotta love the transparent nature of this delicious summer treat. (Photo: Anton)

This beautiful bird.

Cute Bird Tattoo by Felipe Mello

This artsy little framed bird-on-a-branch has a fiery wing that’s tough to ignore.  (Photo: Felipe Mello)

This lovely lotus flower.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm by Georgia Grey

This freshly inked lotus flower almost has a purplish red sheen to it. (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This ice-cream-eating cat.

Ice-Cream-Eating Cat by David Cote

David Cote loves his surrealism space works and so do we. This little kitten doesn’t strike us as the sharing type. (Photo: David Cote)