45 Perfect Armband Tattoos for Men and Women

Prepare to be dazzled.

This traditional style armband.

Traditional style armband by Jacob Christopher Morris

(Photo: Jacob Christopher Morris)

This floral armband.

Floral watercolor armband

(Photo: Artist unknown)

This tribal armband.

Tribal armband by Manawa

(Photo: Manawa)

This skull armband.

Skull armband by Arang Eleven

(Photo: Arang Eleven)

These swirls.

by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This Polynesian armband.

Polynesian armband by Robertto

(Photo: Robertto)

And another.

Polynesian armband by Akshay Raja

(Photo: Akshay Raja)

This geometric dotwork band.

Geometric dotwork band by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This scrollwork armband.

Scrollwork armband by Angixxe

(Photo: Angixxe)

This awesome armband.

by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)