40+ Stylish Armband Tattoos For Men & Women

Barbed wire be gone.

This geometric blackwork design.

Geometric Blackwork Design by Gloreyhole Tattoos

(Photo: Gloreyhole Tattoos)

These pink and yellow bands.

Pink and Yellow Bands by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

These solid bands.

Black Armbands by Berç Batuhan

(Photo: Berç Batuhan)

This gorgeous floral wraparound.

Gorgeous Floral Wraparound by Lawrence Edwards

(Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This dazzling dotwork creation.

Dotwork floral armbands by Lawrence Edwards

(Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This radiating moon.

Armband Tattoo Design by Taras Shtanko

(Photo: Taras Shtanko)

This narrow landscape.

Narrow Landscape Band by Chxryl

(Photo: Chxryl)

These parallel lines.

Linear Armband Tattoo by Tad Peyton

(Photo: Tad Peyton)

This dangling decorative design.

Decorative Armband Design by Bicem Sinik

(Photo: Bicem Sinik)

This star pattern.

Gradient Design by Ervand Akopov

(Photo: Ervand Akopov)