40 Gorgeous Ways to Get Inked This Summer

Stunning. Sultry. Sizzling. Wut.

These sea creatures.

by Matteo Nangeroni

(Photo: Matteo Nangeroni)

This collection of sea creatures is one of the most mesmerizing examples of ink you will ever see. It’s at times like this that I’m glad I don’t have any ink on my legs as of yet.

Another floral heart.

by Zihee

(Photo: Zihee)

It’s official. This summer is all about the floral hearts. And what makes this design stand out above all of the other heart-shaped floral designs I’ve seen this summer is the palm frond. That frond singlehandedly lends this design that tropical vibe that’s so representative of summer.

We might be dead tomorrow.

by Handpoke Hippi

(Photo: Handpoke Hippi)

When people get text tattoos they’re usually either inspirational in nature or influenced by love. This design is obviously the former. If you look closely, it looks almost as if the words are floating above the subject’s skin.

This intricate design.

by Caco Menegaz

(Photo: Caco Menegaz)

This is one of those designs that you can get stuck in for hours on end. Which would have probably come in handy before the days of smartphones and screens in every room.

This pink tulip.

by Yeon

(Photo: Yeon)

I said pink tulip because I have no idea what to call its little sidekick friend there. These flowers are no doubt elegant and beautiful but the location is really what stands out to me. The back of the shoulder is such a perfect location to place a design like this.

This wine glass.

by Duda Lozano

(Photo: Duda Lozano)

Besides making me thirsty and loathe that it’s only 9 am here, this sloshing glass of wine instantly reminds me of my parent’s white-carpeted living room and the horror and heartache that would immediately follow a situation like this.

This sunset.

by Jefree

(Photo: Jefree)

Sunsets on the beach are about as summer as it gets. But designs like the one above aren’t usually something that you can just drop on your local tattooist and have them turn out like this. When it comes to deciding on a particular tattoo design, knowing the strengths as well as the limitations of your artist are of the utmost importance.

This beach scene.

by Ina Mar

(Photo: Ina Mar)

Ina Mar is another newly discovered artist of ours that has talent for days. Hyperrealism is usually how we gauge the skill of an artist and Ina Mar definitely gets a pass.

This pink rose.

by Pony Wave

(Photo: Pony Wave)

Having a tattoo like this can really put you in an awkward position because you’re literally making everyone with a rose tattoo (which is everybody) feel embarrassed of their lackluster design. Okay maybe I exaggerate, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to stand next to you with my little rose tattoo.


by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

I always get hydrangeas and lilacs confused with one another, which is odd because they don’t look anything alike. Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers in existence—which is why I’m always surprised we don’t see more of them represented in ink.