40 Fantastic Sunflower Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

Pretty flower time.

This artistic watercolor creation.

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo by Ewa Sroka

This watercolor work incorporates halftone dots and a fair amount of drip work. Wait, are these daisies? ;). (Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This supremely soft hand piece.

Sunflower Tattoo on Hand by Ilwol

This watercolor hand tattoo looks like something that belongs in an oil painting instead of on someones skin. When it comes to flowers of any type, South Korean artist Ilwol is one of the best.

This colorful watercolor tat.

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo Design by Sol

Looking like some kids took a few magic markers to a coloring book, this artist created a beautiful and unique watercolor style work using every color on the wheel. (Photo: Sol)

This long-stemmed legwork.

Sunflower Tattoo on Leg by Ivy Saruzi

A winding leaf-covered stem makes it’s way up the ankle and onto the calf ending in a large open flowerhead. (Photo: Ivy Saruzi)

This realistic wrist tattoo.

Sunflower Tattoo on Wrist by Danny Mateo

The detail of this flower is nothing short of amazing. It almost makes you wish you had a loupe to view the tiny disk flowers in the center of the receptacle. (Photo: Danny Mateo)

This sunflower moon.

Sunflower Tattoo Design by Robert Capello

The nucleus of this freshly inked flowerhead is replaced with a wonderful milky moon. (Photo: Robert Cabello)

This black & grey flower.

Sunflower Tattoo Design by Fernanda Prado

As you can tell, the forearm is a popular location for stemless sunflower heads and it’s easy to see why. This black and grey ink piece is everything a good forearm piece should be and more. Cool, create, dynamic, and divine. (Photo: Fernanda Prado)

This itty-bitty wrist tat.

Sunflower Tattoo on Wrist

And the funny thing is, this isn’t even the smallest design on the list. (Photo: ch1138)

This beautiful thigh piece.

Large Sunflower Tattoo Design by Grain

In case you didn’t know, the sunflower is the national flower of Russia, which unsurprisingly grows more sunflowers than any other nation in the world. (Photo: Grain)

This perfect dotwork design.

Dotwork Sunflower Tattoo by Ariel Nirakara

Fun fact: some species of sunflowers commonly grow to heights of over 17 feet. (Photo: Ariel Nirakara)