40+ Amazing Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women

Aren't these cool?

This small seashell.

Tiny Seashell Behind Ear by Yanna

(Photo: Yanna)

These pink flowers.

Pink Flowers by Ch11388

(Photo: ch11388)

This front ear tat.

Dotwork Ear Tattoo by Amalie

(Photo: Amalie)

This colorful starfish.

Behind The Ear Starfish Tattoo by Painless Steel

(Photo: Painless Steel)

This crescent moon.

Crescent Moon Tattoo by River

(Photo: River)

This colorful little lotus flower.

Tiny Behind The Ear Lotus Flower Tattoo

(Photo: Ashley Lauren)

This tiny turtle.

Small Turtle Behind The Ear by Brian Woo

(Photo: Brian Woo)

This inverted flower.

Inverted Flower Behind The Ear Tattoo by River

(Photo: River)

This red rose.

Tiny Rose Behind The Ear

(Photo: unknown)

This colorful feather.

Small Colorful Feather by River

(Photo: River)