25 Job-Stopping Tattoos for People Who DGAF

Like Mike.

These lips.

Lips by Karolry Bakowski

(Photo: Karolry Bakowski)

This mandala flower.

Mandala flower by Marc Darrah

(Photo: Marc Darrah)

These blue eyes.

Blue eyes by Kubo

(Photo: Kubo)

This freehand collaboration.

Freehand collaboration

(Photo: Dan GilsdorfKordian Korsakowski, Miskacz)

This bandana.

via Tattoos N Wet Lines

(Photo: Tattoos N Wet Lines)

This razor.

Straight razor by Eddie Saraiva

(Photo: Eddie Saraiva)

This dragon.

Dragon via Lipa

(Photo: Lipa)

This ornamental mandala piece.

Ornamental mandala piece by Derek James

(Photo: Derek James)

These crystals.

Crystals by Cheri Appling

(Photo: Cheri Appling)

This moth and skull.

Moth and skull by Riamo Marti

(Photo: Raimo Marti Tattoo)

This web.

Web on face by Emil

(Photo: Emil)

These pink and purple eyes.

Pink and purple eyes by Bslice

(Photo: Bslice)


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