25 Cityscape Tattoos of the World’s Most Beautiful Skylines

Skyline tattoos are finally here.

NYC in watercolor.

NYC in watercolor by V Yu

(Photo: V Yu)


Osanbruck by Ana Abrahao

(Photo: Ana Abrahao)

This calf piece.

Calf piece by Victoria Zanotto

(Photo: Victoria Zanotto)

This simple Vancouver skyline.

Vancouver skyline by Chinatown Stropky

(Photo: Chinatown Stropky)

This LA skyline.

LA skyline by Isaiah Negrete

(Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

This beautiful NYC watercolor piece.

NYC skyline in watercolor by Georgia Grey

(Photo: Georgia Grey)

This linework cityscape.

Linework cityscape by EL-E MAGS

(Photo: EL-MAGS)


Budepest tattoo by Sara Reichardt

(Photo: Sara Reichardt)

This slice of Sicily.

Slice of Sicily by Bombayfoor

(Photo: Bombayfoor)

These sketchy skylines.

Sketchy skylines by Lucas Martinelli

(Photo: Lucas Martinelli)

This lowly skyline.

Lowly NYC skyline by EL-E MAGS

(Photo: EL-E MAGS)

This beautiful watercolor blend.

Beautiful watercolor skyline by Georgia Grey

(Photo: Georgia Grey)


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