2016’s 80 Most Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women


This x-ray flower.

X-ray flower by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This black and grey ink rose.

Black and grey ink rose by Turan

(Photo: Turan)

This geometric rose on forearm.

Geometric rose on forearm by Hello Tattoo

(Photo: Hello Tattoo)

This elegant flower.

Floral work by Amanda Wachob

(Photo: Amanda Wachob)

This fern.

Fern by Olga Nekrasova

(Photo: Olga Nekrasova)

 This vase full of flowers.

Floral vase by Sandra Cunha

(Photo: Sandra Cunha)

This floral stag.

Floral stag by Wolf & Wren

(Photo: Wolf & Wren)

This peony.

Peony bud by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

These back shoulder florals.

Back shoulder florals by Chaewa

(Photo: Chaewa)