Guys, these tattoos are better than yours

It's time to step up.

This band of brothers.

by Matt Jordan

(Photo: Matt Jordan)

This sculpted masterpiece.

by Jun Cha

(Photo: Jun Cha)

This back mural.

Back mural by Greg Sumii

(Photo: Greg Sumii)

This dotwork map.

Dotwork map by Cagri Durmaz

(Photo: Cagri Durmaz)

This geometric design.

Geometric design by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This tiger glyph.

Tiger glyph by Mongo

(Photo: Mongo)

This knife.

Knife by Basei Wagner

(Photo: Basei Wagner)

This sketch style compass.

Sketch style compass by BK

(Photo: BK)

This rose.

Rose by Stephan Milovanov

(Photo: Stephan Milovanov)

This anchor.

Realistic anchor by Casper

(Photo: Casper)