85 Classy Girl Tattoos You’ll Love For Sure

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These matching floral pieces.

Matching floral pieces by Adrian Bascur

(Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This lotus flower.

Lotus flower by Georgia Grey

(Photo: Georgia Grey)

This charm anklet.

Anklet tattoo by Ana Abrahao

(Photo: Ana Abrahao)

You belong among the wildflowers.

'You belong among the wildflowers' by Bonnie

(Photo: Bonnie)

This creative landscape.

Creative landscape piece by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This tiny elephant.

Tiny elephant tattoo by Michelle Santana

(Photo: Michelle Santana)

This pink-tipped lotus flower.

Pink-tipped lotus flower by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

These watercolor tats.

Watercolor tattoos by Lenara

(Photo: Lenara)

This airplane window.

Airplane window tattoo by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This delicate constellation.

Delicate brush stroke and constellation by Doy

(Photo: Doy)