55 Magnificent Tree Tattoo Designs and Ideas

From pines to palms to full on forests.

This circular tree of life.

Circular Tree of Life Tattoo by Martynas Šnioka

(Photo: Martynas Šnioka)

This stunning palm tree tattoo.

Stunning Palm Tree Tattoo by Turan

(Photo: Turan)

This gorgeous cherry blossom.

Gorgeous Cherry Blossom by Fatih Odabas

(Photo: Fatih Odabas)

This circular forearm work.

Tree Circles by Martynas Šnioka

(Photo: Martynas Šnioka)

This small Joshua tree.

Joshua Tree Tattoo by Samantha Mancino

(Photo: Samantha Mancino)

This abstract tree tattoo.

Abstract Tree Tattoo by Martynas Šnioka

(Photo: Martynas Šnioka)

This amazing forearm work.

Tree Tattoo on Forearm by Turan

(Photo: Turan)

This magnificent moon.

Moon and Tree line by Eva

(Photo: Eva)

This arrow.

Tree Arrow Tattoo by Taras Shtanko

(Photo: Taras Shtanko)

This elegant back arm piece.

Back Arm Tree Tattoo by Lara M.J.

(Photo: Lara M.J.)