51 Tiny Tattoos You’re Going To Be Obsessed With

Familiar topic, completely new designs.

This dotwork paw print.

Dotwork paw print tattoo by Sanghyuk Ko

(Photo: Sanghyuk Ko)

This watercolor butterfly.

Watercolor butterfly tattoo by Tattooist River

(Photo: Tattooist River)

This pretty poppy.

Watercolor poppy tattoo by Georgia Grey

(Photo: Georgia Grey)

This tiny blackwork tricep tat.

Tiny blackwork tricep tattoo by Masa Tattooer

(Photo: Masa Tattooer)

This cosmic cube.

Cosmic cube tattoo by Zihee

(Photo: Zihee)

This cute cupcake.

Cute cupcake tattoo by Sonia Tessari

(Photo: Sonia Tessari)

This grilled cheese sandwich.

Tiny grilled cheese sandwich tattoo by Victoria Woon

(Photo: Victoria Woon)

This simple heart.

Simple heart tattoo on finger by Vlada Shevchenko

(Photo: Vlada Shevchenko)

These lines.

Two line armband tattoo by Daniel Winter

(Photo: Daniel Winter)

This skull.

Skull ankle tattoo by Zeke

(Photo: Zeke)