50 Awesome Ink Ideas For Women

Yes, please.

Self love club.

'Self love club' by Ana Gonzalez Saravia

(Photo: Ana Gonzalez Saravia)

This Silver Lake scene.

Silver lake scene by Marlon M Toney

(Photo: Marlon M Toney)

This twister.

Tornado tattoo by Bombayfoor

(Photo: Bombayfoor)

Team slow.

Team slow by Suflanda

(Photo: Suflanda)

This circular landscape.

Circular landscape tattoo by Sasha Kiseleva

(Photo: Sasha Kiseleva)

These blackwork flowers.

Blackwork flowers by Tritoan Ly

(Photo: Tritoan Ly)

This snoozing fox.

Sleeping fox tattoo by Maria Fernandez

(Photo: Maria Fernandez)

These mandala flowers.

Mandala flowers by Sara Reichardt

(Photo: Sara Reichardt)

This rabbit with geometric accents.

Rabbit with geometric accents by Shpadyreva Julia

(Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)

This songbird.

Songbird by Violeta Arus

(Photo: Violeta Arus)