47 Delightful Bird Cage Tattoos That Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Chirp chirp.

Delightful Bird Cage Tattoo Designs & Ideas

There’s something special about bird cage tattoos that can’t easily be explained. Their complex array of intersecting lines gives them a pleasantry that few other designs posses. They’re one of those tattoos you don’t know you want until you see.

From simple empty cages the size of a quarter, to elaborate works packed with brilliantly colored flowers and cheerfully singing song birds, there’s no denying the unbelievable beauty that these unique designs encompass.

Here are some of the best bird cage designs you’re sure to enjoy.

This wonderfully contoured cage

Gorgeous Bird Cage Tattoo

Photo | Shannon Shuman

This beautiful piece has playful curves and a soft and soothing color scheme, mixing pastel colors with gold accents.

This back bird cage

Beautiful Bird Cage Tattoo on Back

Photo | Marie Kraus

This gorgeous design features muted tones with light pink flowers surrounding the cage.

This fantastic half sleeve

Beautiful Half Sleeve Bird Cage Tattoo

Photo | Diablo 

This bird cage has an intricate scrolling gold stand with two very large birds coming home to roost.

This escaping songbird

Bird Cage Tattoo with Red Rose

Photo | The Station

The almost gradient-like blend of colors inside the cage really steals the show.

This rib cage / bird cage

Rib Cage / Bird Cage Tattoo

This is one of the most creative bird cage tattoos out there that’s for sure.

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”

Quote Bird Cage Tattoo

A beautiful black and white bird cage accompanied by a quote from German-born American poet Charles Bukowski. From this photo, it’s difficult to tell whether the work is on the front or back side of her arm.

This simple yet elegant neck tattoo

Back Neck Bird Cage Tattoo

Photo | Paulo

A brilliant little design if I do say so. This tiny bird cage has some great detail if you look closely.

This bird cage hanging from a cherry blossom tree

Cherry Blossom Bird Cage Tattoo

Photo | Jessica Paixão 

In most of these designs the birds always seem to have just escaped from their cages. Here we have a balloon shaped cage hanging from the branch of a gorgeous cherry blossom tree.

This bejeweled cage.

Birdcage Tattoo by Tylor Schwarz

Photo | Tylor Schwarz

This Chinese bird cage with extra thin bars

Unique Bird Cage Tattoo Design

Photo | Teddy McBee

It looks like no one is home this time around. This cage is a little more unique than most of the other designs on this list. It’s red stand and thin bars make it look like it belongs in a Chinese herb store.