45 Amazing Ways to Get Tatted This Summer

A little ink makes all the difference.

This military sleeve.

Military sleeve by Chico

(Photo: Chico)

This geometric back piece.

Geometric back piece by Vlad Blad

(Photo: Vlad Blad)

This chest piece.

by Mowgli

(Photo: Mowgli)

This observer.

by Zlata Kolomoyskaya

(Photo: Zlata Kolomoyskaya)

This sleeve.

by Darwin Enriquez

(Photo: Darwin Enriquez)

This real reminder.

Our days are counted by Hector Daniels

(Photo: Hector Daniels)

This bear.

Bear by Matt Curzon

(Photo: Matt Curzon)

This tall ship.

by Issa

(Photo: ISSA)

This single line wolf.

Single line wolf by Mo Ganji

(Photo: Mo Ganji)

These lyrics.

Lyrics by Kevin King

(Photo: Kevin King)