40+ Unique Forearm Tattoos for Men With Style

Prepare to be inspired.

This surrealist piece titled Complexity of the Mind.

Complexity of the Mind - by David Cote

What a great title. We’re not so good with words so if the burden of naming this piece fell to us, it’d probably get some non-creative descriptive moniker like Space Hula Hoop Necklace or just Space Face. Actually the last one was pretty catchy. (Photo: David Cote)

This watercolor tree.

Watercolor Tree Tattoo by Joice Wang

Joice Wang you’re an absolute triumph to society. Your choice of color here is nothing short of magical. (Photo: Joice Wang)

These awesome piano keys.

Piano Keys Tattoo by Miami Inksligner

Looks great from this angle but what about straight on or from the opposite angle? We’re curious. Amazing work. (Photo: Miami Inkslinger)

This sketch-style port hole.

Port Hole Tattoo by Felipe Mello

Not knocking this piece as it’s one of our favorites, but what’s going on with the big smudge that starts in the water and extends through the port hole? It almost looks as if this piece was done on paper and someone accidentally smeared it before it had time to dry. (Photo: Felipe Mello)

This artistic arrow.

Artistic Arrow Tattoo by Frank Carrilho

If you like arrow tattoos then you’ll love this blackwork forearm piece. It’s all in the details. (Photo: Frank Carrilho)

This rock climber.

Surrealist Rock Climber Tattoo by David Cote

This gorgeous tattoo created for an avid rock climber features a view of the stars that’s clearly not of this world. (Photo: David Cote)

This skull with headphones.

Watercolor Skull with Headphones by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

Felipe’s trademark watercolor style always manages to take our breath away. Abstract in nature, this skull is clearly listening to some jaw-dropping beats.(Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

Orion’s Belt.

Orion's Belt Tattoo by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

These dancing lines.

Geometric Linework Tattoo by Maxime Buchi

Cue the 1990’s screen savers. (Photo: Maxime Buchi)

This dotwork dagger tattoo.

Dotwork Dagger Tattoo by Lauren Marie Sutton

This fantastic dotwork dagger features a mandala clenched fist for a handle. Maybe Lauren should be designing knives and daggers instead of tattoos. (Photo: Lauren Marie Sutton)