40+ Amazing Book Tattoos for Literary Lovers

May you never be without your books.

These three vices.

Book Tattoo by Sean Jackson

(Photo: Sean Jackson)

These three books.

Book Tattoo Design by Mike McIntosh

(Photo: Mike McIntosh)

This cool forearm tat.

Book Tattoo Design by Maëva

(Photo: Maëva)

This dotwork design.

Dotwork Book Tattoo by Tirza Setta

(Photo: Tirza Setta)

These sprouting plants.

Book Tattoo Design on Thigh by Miss Sassafras

(Photo: Miss Sassafras)

These behind-the-ear books.

Behind-The-Ear Book Tattoo by Arcee

(Photo: Arcee)

This surreal forearm work.

Surreal Book Tattoo Design by Chris Rigoni

(Photo: Chris Rigoni)

This diamond-shaped design.

Diamond-Shaped Book Tattoo Design by Chipper Harbin

(Photo: Chipper Harbin)

This reoccurring quote.

Book Tattoo Design by Saklai Tattoo

(Photo: Saklai Tattoo)

This simple book.

Small Book Tattoo on Wrist

(Photo: Réka Mélypataki)

These fantastic mountains.

Mountainous Book Tattoo by Pissaro

(Photo: Pissaro)

Read to live. Live to read.

Book Tattoo Design by Pain & Wonder

(Photo: Pain & Wonder)

This elegant tricep tat.

Book Tattoo Design by Owen Partridge

(Photo: Owen Partridge)



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