40+ Amazing Book Tattoos for Literary Lovers

May you never be without your books.

These vines.

Creative Book Tattoo by James Withee

(Photo: James Withee)

This geometric design.

Book Tattoo Design by DIF

(Photo: DIF)

This blackwork stack.

Blackwork Book Tattoo by DOYO

(Photo: DOYO)

This watercolor forearm work.

Watercolor Books by Marcelo Capocci

(Photo: Marcelo Capocci)

I have lived a thousand lives.

Book Tattoo Design by Nienna Felagund

(Photo: Nienna Felagund)



(Photo: Source)

This tiny tat.

Tiny Book Tattoo by Felipe

(Photo: Felipe)

This spectacular sketch style work.

Watercolor Book Tattoo by Lissy

(Photo: Lissy)

This celestial work.

Book Tattoo Design by Leitor Nervoso

(Photo: Leitor Nervoso)

This tiny ankle tattoo.

Book Tattoo on Ankle by Billy Oliveira

(Photo: Billy Oliveira)

These watercolor books to birds.

Watercolor Books by Max

(Photo: Max)