36 Awesome Avatar Tattoos


With the worldwide success of James Cameron’s box office thriller Avatar, it’s no surprise that some pretty amazing Avatar-themed ink has been popping up on the web.

Fantasy films have long been a popular ink-inducing genre, from Star Wars to Alice In Wonderland, movies that ignite the imagination, especially illustrated media, have been base camp for many tattoo junkies.

I’ll shut up, let’s look at some Na’vi ink.

This bust of Neytiri


If you couldn’t tell, Neytiri is ahead in the “Most Popular Avatar Character” poll. Followed closely in second place by….no one. Those are some big gauges in her ears. Must have missed those in the movie while I was distracted by her…..personality.



These Gorgeous Neytiri Tattoos


Avatar tattoo

Neytiri Avatar Tattoo

Neytiri Avatar Tattoo

Gorgeous Neytiri Avatar Tattoo Desing

Neytiri Avatar Tattoo on thigh

Avatar warrior tattoo

Neytiri and her Ikran avatar tattoo



This beautiful tattoo inspired by the cover of the film

Neytiri Avatar tattoo

This tattoo was inspired by the artwork on the films dvd covers and promotional posters.

This portrait of Jake Sully

Jake sully battle scene avatar tattoo

Here we have an amazing combination of beautiful colors. Choppers can be seen flying in the background with a watercolor-style sky. One of my favorites.

Neytiri wearing some sort of fancy hat

Neytiri Avatar Tattoo


Jake Sully letting out a war cry


This artist did an amazing job of capturing the raw emotion on Jake’s face. Are those cavities in his teeth? Do the Na’vi people even brush their teeth?

Neytiri with corn rows

Jake Sully Avatar tattoo

Someone got their hair did before the big battle.

These fearsome creatures of Pandora

banshee avatar tattoo

On top we have a Banshee, or as the Na’vi call them, Ikran, and below is an adorable Thanator. The Thanator is a particularly menacing creature in the film, but here it looks more like a harmless pet dog — minus those nasty teeth.

This sclapless tattoo of Neytiri


Maybe hair just wasn’t in the budget? A more likely scenario; this photo was taken before her braids were applied.

Neytiri on a floating rock


Definitely not the best tattoo we’ve seen today buy I’d still give this an A for effort.

This bust of Neytiri riding her banshee


Her left eye looks a little off but then again I did hear something about the Na’vi being able to control each eyeball independently of one another.

Neytiri warrior princess


While the bokeh effect looks friggin amazing, I have a feeling it’s the result of clever photoshop manipulation as opposed to some genius level inking skills, but I’d like to think it’s the latter.

This Avatar rockin’ a bluetooth earpiece


I guess there hasn’t been much innovation in the handsfree communication sector.

Tsu’tey and Jake Sully


“Brother, come fly with me!”

This tattoo of Neytiri firing a bow


This is the last thing you see before you get shot in the chest with a big ass arrow. Although this arrow looks a little crooked.

This white-ink-infused tattoo of Neytiri


What an awesome use of white ink. In case you didn’t know, white ink glows under a blacklight. As for the portrait, this is probably what Neytiri will look like in abut 40 years when she’s running the show.

This tattoo of an unknown Na’vi woman


Guesses anyone? Anyone? Now that I look at it, I’m thinking this might be a tattoo of Neytiri. Hmmmmm.

This awesome double portrait


If Neytiri lived during the 70’s and a got a yearbook photo, this is probably what it would look like.

This Na’vi hand print tattoo


Not sure what “Kaltxi” means, but this unique Avatar handprint tattoo belongs to Canada’s biggest Avatar fan who we’ll feature again later on this list.

 This fantastic bicep tattoo



This portrait of Jake making his animal noise face


The hair kind of reminds you of a Woodland Elf.

And another Neytiri tattoo


This epic full back scene of all things Pandora


A spectacular smorgasbord of color and chaos.  It’s always amazing seeing such beautiful artwork on this skin.

This Na’vi eyeball tattoo


That reflection in her eye looks b-e-a-utiful. Wouldn’t it be funny if you could see a blue hand holding out an iPhone.



Blue Man Group eat your heart out. Oh never mind I see it’s only one Na’vi female and those are just different angles so you can see the tattoo in it’s entirety.

“The Avatar Man”


From Canada with love, Mr. Knowles — as he’s been identified by netizens — takes his passion for the film to a whole different level by transforming his body into an actual Avatar. Well sort of.

As you can see in the photos, this guy’s covered his body with blue Na’vi stripes to go along with the Neytiri shrine on his back. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what he had to say about his extreme makeover, courtesy of Unreality Magazine.

“I get inking done every 2-3 weeks . My future plans are well. Will be starting my chest and shoulder pieces this fall and after that will be doing my stomach and lower waste area. Finally  ill be filling my whole body in with the lighter avatar blue skin to finish it off. I still have 2-3 years of inking ahead of me ,  alot of money and pain still awaits. I am too far into this  to turn back now and in time i will look like a human NA’VI /AVATAR . i will stay in touch  with future inkings.
 I have a huge collection of neytiri/avatar stuff .
I can honestly say that neytiri to me is one of most beautiful creatures that i have ever layed my eyes on and thats the main reason im dedicating my body to her of her only, being a human  inking canvas. NEYTIRI is so beautiful that  nothing can compare to her in this world. I have years of inking to go and its all of and for her this beautiful fictional character thought up james cameron.
 NEYTIRI is my world, my life and my future. If i ever find someone on my journey through life ,they better be atleast into avatar some what I’m just saying.
 Would like to say a few things just some thoughts.
 The world might have 6-7 billion  people on it you’d think I’d find someone thats into this as much as i but still haven”t found that someone yet. I may have to dream of pandora for my future other half   never know eh.
 You all know that i’m into avatar heart soul and really my body. Does everyone actually know the true meaning of the meassage thats hes saying in /or about the story of the movie .I might know the whole pisture either but in my opinion, basically and simply put” SAVE OUR PLANET” . Yes i do believe that it too late for our generation BUT its NOT to late for our childrens future. We all have to do whats right for our future generations . This is just my opinion but i bet it is share by millions around the world –SAVE OUR PLANET should be the new moto.   To all my friends out there who know me  wiether though facebook or in life know that im not a talker ,im not a gift to gabber but once in a while i do have something to say and when it comes to avatar and the message that the movie is showing/presenting you /us all is plain and simple if people are that stupit not to see it well THEY GOT ME . To us followers we believe and we get it . its going to take ALL OF US BELIEVERS to spread the word around the world.”