34 Astonishingly Beautiful Eyeball Tattoos


34 Astonishingly Beautiful Eyeball Tattoos | TattooBlend

There’s something undeniably fascinating about the human eye. Eye’s are one of the most complex parts of our bodies and their complexity is readily apparent upon casual inspection, unlike other complex organs like the the brain which hopefully you’ll never have to look directly at during your lifetime. With it’s visual intricacies, it’s no wonder the eyeball makes for some of the most interesting tattoo designs and illustrations.

Here is a unique collection of some truly epic eye tattoos you’re sure to enjoy.

This black and white masterpiece

Beautiful Black and White Eye Tattoo

A beautiful monochrome design with flawless shading and attention to detail. Check out those eye lashes! (Photo: Niki Norberg)

 This golden iris

Gorgeous Golden Eye Tattoo Design

Golden and green. Such a wonderful combination of color makes this piece really stand out and captivate the viewer. (Photo: Surfingbird)

These ocular wonders




These three pieces were done by Polish artist Andrzej Ninnies Missal from Rock In tattoo.

The Eye of Providence

Eye of Providence Tattoo

Here we have a black and white eye socket with a striking blue iris enclosed in a pyramid shaped border. Also known as The Eye of Providence — a symbol associated with Freemasonry that represents the eye of God watching over humankind. (Photo: Yomico Moreno)

This Avatar-esque piece

Avatar Eye Tattoo

A delightful chaos of color and style. (Photo: Jasen Workmen)

This drop of water

Creative Water Droplet Eye Tattoo

This is what it looks like when you put a drop of Visine in your eye! Amazing tattoo with a uniquely creative spin. (Photo: Georgi Kodzhabashev)

This smokey eye

Smokey Eye Tattoo Design

Great eyeshadow shading gives this eye an undeniable feminine touch. (Photo: Wixstatic)

This excellent watercolor tattoo

Spectacular Watercolor Eye Tattoo

A fantastic bevy of color. (Photo: Twitter)