30 Feminist and Girl Power Tattoo Designs

'You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.'


We’ll save you the hoopla and long-winded introduction. Here’s to feminism and the ink that it inspires. Enjoy!

This black and grey ink floral feminist symbol.

Black and grey ink floral feminist symbol by Saschi McCormack

(Photo: Saschi McCormack)

‘Girls to the front.’

'Girls to the front' by Luisa Valencia

(Photo: Luisa Valencia)

This blackwork back neck tat.

Feminist back neck tattoo by Sandra Cunha

(Photo: Sandra Cunha)

My body, my rules.


(Photo: Bless This Mess)

This neo traditional girl power tat.

Neo traditional girl power tattoo by Bruno Honório Cavalcante

(Photo: Bruno Honório Cavalcante)

This diamond-esque gender symbol.

Female gender symbol tattoo by Sagie

(Photo: Sagie)

‘Leg hair don’t care.’

Creative feminist tattoo from Winture

(Photo: Winture)

‘Girl almighty.’

'Girl Almighty' feminist tattoo by Kate Holley

(Photo: Kate Holley)

These matching feminist tattoos.

Matching feminist tattoos

(Photo: unknown)

This stamped font.

Feminist tattoo design by Poby

(Photo: Poby)