28 Amazing Flapper Girl Tattoos From The Roaring Twenties


Although tattoos weren’t very mainstream during 1920’s, the style and decadence now synonymous with that time period has inspired some spectacular works of art.

Flappers, or more specifically flapper girls, was a name given to particular group of women who embraced a more casual and free spirited lifestyle during the 1920’s. Short skirts, excessive makeup, jazz music, and bobbed haircuts were just a few of the things that led to this new stereotype.

Nowadays, we remember the flappers by the beautifully dressed women partying and dancing the night away to loud jazz music portrayed frequently in pop culture.

Below is a collection of some pretty unbelievable flapper girl tattoos inspired from those iconic images of the roaring twenties.

This gorgeous framed piece


The composition of this tattoo is pretty amazing. The use of pearls around the frame is especially nice.

This girl smoking a cigarette


Black and white seems only fitting for the time period. It almost looks like there’s a touch of turquoise in the design.

This beautiful leg piece


Excellent choice just adding supplemental color to certain features of the piece. The artist did an amazing job drawing the portrait as well.

She’s not amused


This woman has a dead bird in her hair. Maybe that’s why she looks so sad.

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This red haired woman


Ok maybe it’s not red hair just more of an overall red hue to the piece. The magenta cheek makeup really makes this piece stand out.

These black curls


This back piece is really something. Back in the day there was no PETA and no one thought twice about wearing a fox around their neck.

High on the thigh


Another gorgeous piece that probably doesn’t get much exposure unless it’s owner lives in a tropical climate. That’s a shame because this piece is one of the best examples we’ve seen.

This excellent stick figure sleeve


A welcome vacation from the typical framed portraits we are use to seeing. This super creative design has just the right amount of fun.