20 Matching Lock and Key Couple Tattoos

Better lock that down.


When it comes to couple tattoos, the lock/locket and key combo is by far the most popular design, and of course the lock is always in the shape of a heart. You unlock my heart…blah blah blah mushy mushy mushy. I guess when you’re in love it really is a clever and meaningful symbol of devotion but why these particular designs are so wildly popular we’ll never know.

This gold trimmed lock.

An awesome skeleton key but what really stands out is the fantastic heart-shaped gold and turquoise locket.

This antique set.

You have the key to my ❤

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This red ribbon.

Fun lil 'lock n' key' on a couple today. Cheers guys #oldlines #ntgallery #coupletattoos #tattooworkers

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These beautiful hand pieces.

Love. ❤ (Please excuse the shine/swelling – this photo was taken just hours after they were finished!)

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This Nightmare Before Christmas tribute.


This skeleton key.


This personalized lock and key.

This turquoise bow.


This pierced pair.

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These lovely wrist tats.