20 Horrifying Clown Tattoos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Because who needs sleep anyways?


Not all clowns are as innocent looking as Ronald McDonald.

For as long as have clowns have been around, their eerie makeup and sinister smiles have sent children fleeing for their mothers.

It’s kind of ironic how easily clowns can have the exact opposite effect on people as their intended purpose. Clowns are supposed to be cheerful and funny, wearing shoes twice the size of Shaq’s and pulling endless handkerchiefs out of their mouths while tooting their red horn noses. But run into one of these performers on a dark street while returning from a gig still in costume, and their appearance might evoke a slightly less than comical effect.

Who do we have to thank for our fear of clowns? The obvious answer is Hollywood, and its tendency of villainizing clowns. It’s not their fault that clowns just happen to make terrifying characters. It, Saw, House of 1000 Corpses, and countless other films have used not-so-nice clowns as characters with the purpose of inspiring fear and horror with overwhelming effectiveness.

However, it’s been suggested that clowns have had an ominous presence far before Hollywood managed to get their hands on them. Masks intended for the theater decorated in a similar fashion as our modern day clown makeup, were commonly used by perpetrators who wished to conceal their identity while carrying out various acts of violence and other criminal activities.

Love them or hate them, clowns have become synonymous with the horror genre, and are often the subject of inked illustrations. Lets take a look at a few truly frightening tattoos of evil killer clowns that might just stick around in your noggin a little longer than desired.

This frightening puppeteer


Entice the kids with the promise of a little puppetry then scare the bejeezus out of them with your face. Something tells me this vampire-fanged clown doesn’t get much in the way of audiences. (Photo: Fugu)

This Pennywise calf tattoo


No other clown provokes as much fear and trepidation as the infamous Pennywise the clown from Steven King’s Hollywood horror flick IT. (Photo: Andrzej Misztal)

Dinner interrupted

Scary Clown Tattoo

Or perhaps just a light snack? This skillful rendition of a blood covered clown captures your attention with it’s lifelike green piercing eyes. (Photo: Farbschock)

This evil smile

Creepy Clown Tattoo

He knows something that you don’t know. And yes, you should be scared. But seriously, those rays of light coming off that heart are b-e-a-utiful. (Photo: Benny Pearce)

This carrot top

Frightening Clown Tattoo

Does anyone else think the clown’s nose looks like an erect nipple? It’s a beautiful piece, would definitely scare some kiddies, but I can’t help but laugh when I look at this. Shame on me. (Photo: Brandon Bond)

This tiny hat

Freaky Clown Tattoo

Don’t let his jovial hand gestures fool you, this creepster will eat your dog and use his tail as a toothbrush. (Photo: Khan)

This Freak Show

Twisty the Clown

This artist did a bang up job capturing the very essence of American Horror Story: Freak Show’s Twisty the Clown. (Photo: Khan)

These pin-sized pupils

Killer Clown Tattoo

There’s something creepy about small pupils. This clown has a number of horns growing out his head that seem to have a life of their own. The nice set of pearly white’s is a welcome change from the usual rotting, dripping with blood, never-seen-or-even-heard-of-a-toothbrush-before-choppers scary clowns usually possess. (Photo: Alain Head)

These wicked red brows

Wicked Clown Tattoo

Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. (Photo: Fabschock)

This terrifying forearm tattoo

Scary Clown Tattoo

This bad ass Pennywise tat just made me turn on my bedside lamp on. Better check under the bed just in case. Gotta hand it to this artist, he knows how to do scary.  (Photo: Fredy)

Almost approachable


This clown looks like a normal guy dressed up as a clown. That is, until he smiles and you see those terrifying teeth.